As a jazz-saxophone player he gave over 2000 concerts around the world, played on more than 15 CD's and DVD's. Last year Alexander gave over 50 concerts worldwide and he was the leader of three international jazzexpeditions to Thailand, Spain and India. The international press wrote: 'One of the very few tenor heroes of this moment'

Also Alexander is a founding father of The Beets Brothers. 'A world class jazz act' the prestigious jazzmagazine Downbeat wrote about the brothers Marius, Alexander and Peter Beets. From 1985 the brothers performed together as "The Beets Brothers”. In 1988 Peter won the prestigious Pall Mall Swing Award and a year later the Princess Christina Award. In 1990 the first recording of The Beets Brothers appeared Now the brothers released over 10 albums in various combinations with legends like Jeff Hamilton, Curtis Fuller, Houston Person, Ronnie Cuber, Paulette Mc Williams and Deborah Brown. The brothers tour all over the world and did over 1800 performances.